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1. no more citizens rights...posse comitatus??

2. increase the welfare state to get more people to be fully dependent on the will to fight when they control your food and shelter.

3. no more paper money...electronic money to fully control ones purchasing power and rights

4. FEMA camps already set up for inner fight...I am thinking it goes down around will know when the dollar collapses.

5. will take more and more % of GDP to pay the interest of our debt...the govt and the Fed's will do what they do best, print more money...this will lead to inflation and that is what will drive the anti-govt movement in the future...occupy wallstreet is the warm up and everyone knows it.

But there are millions of people who think the conspiracy theorists are stupid and wrong yet the evidence keeps piling day when they realize the truth it will be too late.

But like everything else, we must learn the truth the hard way...humans are predictable that way.

Only time will tell who is ultimately right.