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Originally Posted by Chowster View Post
Allan... how's the new ride?!?!? Is the weather allowing you to drive it at all?
Hi Will!

Thanks for asking - I wish I could answer that, but there are two mitigating factors,haha:

-Mary and I are on holidays - I am typing this from my laptop, sitting by the pool - it's 25 celsius, and oh, wait..... is that a cloud I see over there? Damn. It is.... Sorry, I'm a dick . We are returning on Wednesday Dec. 14th.
-Meanwhile, the car is still in transit - it left TO on Friday, December 9th - I just got an email from the Transport company - it is due to arrive tomorrow, so a friend is meeting the driver for me.

I'm probably one of the few people on holidays right now, that is actually (almost) wishing it was OVER, haha. To make matters worse, there is practically NO snow at home, and it was plus six two days ago, plus two yesterday! Could have been driving, almost!

Ah well - patience is a virtue....... or so they say, haha.

Thanks for asking! I'll let you know as soon as I can!

Have a great week!
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