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Idiot Mistake...Dead Car!!

I'll get straight to the point

I unplugged my aftermarket amp and rewired the positive and negative wire vice versa. Yes I know... It was dark outside. It sparked more than it should of and I tried it once more with the positive and negative wire still attached.

This time, both power and ground were connected to the amp with the positive wire disconnected from the battery. I touched the positive terminal and the spark startled me so I just gave up. I connected the power wire to the car and no lights appeared.

I checked for loose connection and nothing was loose. I took a test light connected to the positive and touched the negative with no light to appear. I even connected my battery charger to the positive terminal under the hood and again nothing.

I'm hoping it is just the battery fuse and not the computer or alternator.. How can I diagnose this problem? Any other possibilities?

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