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Originally Posted by mike the snake View Post
I can't say what caused for sure, but I used to play punk rock, and go to many many shows when I was young, listened to super loud music in my car
Wow you might actually be me, had I been born 20 years earlier. Went through a big punk phase and then ended up spending high school and some of college playing and listening to punk, hardcore, metal, whatever was loud

I take Benedryl also so I can get past the sleep threshold, or I have to listen to my ears screaming and it's very hard to get to sleep.
Didn't want to say it earlier in the thread, but usually I need something "external" to help me sleep, too. Sometimes benadryl, usually a glass of wine, a beer, or just a bit of happy herb. Plus music, as usual.

I feel your pain.. it sucks and I'm sorry man.

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