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Originally Posted by El_Duderino View Post
It is very possible that you suffered a high-frequency hearing loss from the gun shot. The timeline you describe is actually pretty typical in that the hearing loss is usually not instantaneous. The hair cells often deteriorate over a fairly rapid timecourse after a major insult like a loud gunshot near an unprotected ear. It is only when the hair cells fall below a certain threshold (in terms of absolute numbers) that the hearing loss itself becomes easily apparent on audiograms. Chances are that if you have an audiogram done, there will be a steep fall off in the higher frequencies although the lower frequencies are, likely, unaffected given the mechanism of injury.

After an insult to the cochlea, a "permanent threshold shift" can occur ie at certain frequencies your hearing threshold permanently worsens. It is only after this occurs that tinnitus often becomes apparent. The exact mechanism for the tinnitus is not entirely known but is likely secondary to false "signals" being generated along the auditory pathway ie either by the remaining hair cells or in the brainstem.

In some cases, if the tinnitus is bad enough, correcting the high frequency hearing loss with a hearing aid will fix the tinnitus.
Hope this helps.
Makes sense, thanks a lot. The free healthcare here in canada, makes it hard to get any kind of good information . As for the audiogram I had one and did loose high frequency, though not much all and a very small span. Everything else was average.