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I have an HTC (along with the BB) and initially didn't like it. I kept hearing how much better droid was than the IOS, and when I first got it I was pissed. The quality of of the device is Iphone-esque as well. It feels weighty, solid in your hand, and the materials used are above average. However, mine and a co-workers had the same problem with the camera lens rattling in its little thing, buzzing and making it impossible to make out the voice of someone you're talking to. Both were replaced under warranty, no problem, but without the new cases we are using which eliminate the protruding camera, I feel the problem would keep arising. The device is the Inspire btw.

After nearly a year, I can say that it does give up some of the simplicity and "ease of use" at the expense of intuition. However, I've noticed that "easy to use" and simple operating systems can also be the most cumbersome and frustrating, which is exactly where IOS put me after a while. The single "home" button drove me crazy after a while, what's nice on the droids is you have a home, menu, and back button always in the same place, and they always do the same thing.

Overall, after somewhat of a learning curve, the latest Iphone isn't even on my radar shopping for a new phone, given how much I prefer the BB and droid options.