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Originally Posted by LateBraking View Post
Wait for the new one or get a totally different car (like a GT-R). Not really worth it for essentially the same car sans newer navigation and plug-in features. Car still drives the same and acts the same. I went from a 2008 to 2011.5, and I pretty much feel like I have the same exact car.

i totally agree with latebraking

get a gtr , u will like the gtr for the performance but u will get a little frustrated with noise and rattling inside the gtr. the germans are a much better built.

i have a 2009 gtr and i hardly drive that car because the noise coming from the tranny, basically theres noise everywhere and its annoying (i bought it brand new )

because i m so fed up with the noise ,i just pick up the 2009 m3 sedan last week.