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First time on the track...

Hey guys, as the title says, I will be tracking my car very soon. I have planned a few mods for the car but I still need the opinion of more experienced drivers.

1. Apex Arc-8 wheels. I don't know whether to get a staggered setup or a square setup. Please advise, this is going to be my first time driving aggressively on a race track. As I understand it, a square setup is going make the car oversteer easier than a staggered setup. If so, I may want to go with the staggered setup for safety since I am new to this even though I will save on tires with the square setup.

2. Brake lines, brake pads and maybe brake fluid. I don't think I will be upgrading to a BBK just yet, so I hope these will be enough. Any recommendations of a good set of lines, pads and fluid will be very much appreciated. I would really like a combination that will not compromise regular road driving but is also decent for the track. I will not be switching the setup for regular road driving so I want something fairly quiet and comfortable but can also take the heat on the track. This will be my first time so I don't think the brakes will be abused as much as experienced drivers.

3. Tires. I am willing to spend a good $1000 or a little more for a set of tires that can be used on the road and on the track. My choices are Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Spec, Hankook RS-3, Continental ExtremeContact DW, Yokohama ADVAN Sport, Nitto NT05. Any other recommendations will be very much appreciated.

This is it so far. I will be keeping the same setup for both the track and the street as I will not have the time to switch them out (I'm also too dumb to switch them out myself lol). Any opinions and suggestions are welcome

Thank you