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I have it severely. You know how sometimes you get ringing in your ears, and then it goes away in 10 seconds or so? Well, one day, my ears started ringing, and never turned off. It is absolutely terrible.
I can't say what caused for sure, but I used to play punk rock, and go to many many shows when I was young, listened to super loud music in my car, then later I raced radio controlled nitro powered model race cars, super loud high pitch engines, usually 10-12 of them at a time, then I raced real race cars, I've always hunted and love shooting, so I really did a number on my ears in my life.

Today (I'm 44 now) I have to have a fan running next to my head, along with a white noise machine making rain or wave sounds, just to go to sleep. I take Benedryl also so I can get past the sleep threshold, or I have to listen to my ears screaming and it's very hard to get to sleep.

It seems different frequencies set it off worse as well. The road noise on rough roads in my old car always had my ears screaming after longer drives, and loud music and loud noises like saws and loud engines has them ringing out of control.

I haven't had my hearing checked, I know I should. I'm a Q-tip user, always cleaning my ears as they always seem to itch, always have, and I'm wondering if maybe stopping that may help.

When I was young, I knew i was overdoing the loud noises, stupid and young and didn't care, and still wouldn't care too much if it was just hearing loss (a lot of the time I don't want to hear what I'm hearing anyways lol) but tinnitus is a living nightmare.