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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
If you're looking for a premium feel among Android smartphones, Samsung is not the manufacturer to look at, HTC is. Now that the SAMOLED variants are being closed on by other manufacturer screens, there are other options if you want a great screen.

Also, iP4 versus 97XX isn't even worth comparing IMO. The 9900 on the other hand, is at least somewhat in the same league. However, there's no direct comparison as they're completely different in selling points and features. Apples and oranges with no way to do a completely objective comparison.

In the end, get a chance to tool around with your options, read reviews (take shit tech blogs with a grain of salt, and it's best to know their tendencies of favoritism first), and get the one that you think is going to do what you need best.
I used my mum's HTC and i must say it has the worst OS i have ever used, it was so confusing, the simplest tasks took an age to complete. The phone itself though felt solid and premium quality for an inexpensive phone.

I have been reading some of the reviews, reading between the technical mumbo jumbo, its hard to sometimes get a simple opinion on them without so much jargon.

Have to admit, the iphone seems to be ticking most of the boxes right now, but im still open to other options