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Originally Posted by TTBear View Post
Yep, that was Zahir's car

He was actually very philosophical about it, and promptly got to work repairing it - I think it might even be completed!

Race the Base was a phenomenal event - fantastic cause for four very, very worthy charities, and the machinery out there was absolutely, fantasticially, drool-tastic!!!

My l'il ole M3 was weak sauce out there, haha - I think there were only three BMWs there - mine, an e46 sedan (heavily modified), and a tuned M5 - not sure if any of them made 300kph. I was only involved because some friends that own exotics from Regina invited me along - otherwise, I wouldn't have even known about it.

My aim will be to comfortably exceed 300kph this year .
Yeah - thats what I thought.

The Race the Base event sounds pretty cool. Wish it was local to me. Curious to see what the S/C M3 could do.

I am sure you wont have a problem breaking the 300kph barrier in the new ride!