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Originally Posted by Jaypod View Post
wasnt it the ZR Exotics Enzo that went into the ocean during the Targa?
Yep, that was Zahir's car

He was actually very philosophical about it, and promptly got to work repairing it - I think it might even be completed!

Race the Base was a phenomenal event - fantastic cause for four very, very worthy charities, and the machinery out there was absolutely, fantasticially, drool-tastic!!!

My l'il ole M3 was weak sauce out there, haha - I think there were only three BMWs there - mine, an e46 sedan (heavily modified), and a tuned M5 - not sure if any of them made 300kph. I was only involved because some friends that own exotics from Regina invited me along - otherwise, I wouldn't have even known about it. What a phenomenal weekend! I felt like a fraud, haha, but it was cool to feel like a rock star for a weekend, which one certainly did!!

My aim will be to comfortably exceed 300kph this year .

I just checked, Mike - my only recorded run (my first), was only 284kph My second run (which was 12kph faster, according to the digital readout on the M3), did not register They only used a standard-issue laser gun for the speed trap - something they will address at the 2012 event.
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