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Originally Posted by Ateam View Post
444 pounds heavier that porker c63
... and over 1 second faster to 100 mph
... and 4 seconds faster to 150mph ... that`s like a football field
... and trapping 6mph faster in the quarter mile

Just saying...

On this point... I think C&D have it wrong. Specs for the M3 per BMW is 3,704lbs (confirmed by Wikipedia too). Specs for the C63 per MB is 3,935lbs. So, 231lbs in the difference and not 444. Not sure where C&D came up with their numbers but they don`t jive with posted specs for the cars based on what I can see (and there is no way they actually weigh each car). Still, it is too bad MB couldnt have shaved a couple of hundred pounds (i.e. lose the glass panaramic roof). Had they, the C63 would be an even beastier beast.

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