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Originally Posted by Design1stCode2nd View Post
If you will track the car the I think the M3 is the better option. While AMG has gotten better with steering feel, braking and so forth is still a bit like a luxury musclecar. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
Just curious how much seat time you have in a 2012 C63 to make this comment or if it is based on older models or what you have read? I ask because I own an M3 and have spent time with a 2012 C63 coupe on the track and the difference in feel is not significant. True, the M3 is still the more precise car but to call the C63 a "luxury musclecar" is uniformed and I suspect you have no real seat time to back this up. The 2012 cars are VERY new to the market and many who "speculate" do so based on what they hear on internet forums, a preconceived bias or what they read relative to older model reviews.

The C63 does have more of a musclecar feel because of the power/torque but it is also a very refined and balanced car with great steering feel (more feedback than the M3 in my opinion) and is a capable track car. M3 is still a tick better for sure but it is damn close.
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