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Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post
1) Yes, lots. The prior generation CTS-V beat M3's in racing, why not the next generation? And anyone still stuck on 500HP for the new CTS-V hasn't been paying attention to the latest reports.
2) But at an M3 price...starting at $57K. People WILL be cross shopping GT-R's and M3's and CTS-V's. And C63's.
I don't think you can reasonably compare the CTS-V race car with the M3 race cars, which were really production based. The M3 used a regular street-derived chassis. If you have ever seen the inside of one of the PTG cars, you will see the stock dashboard shell, steel unit body tub, etc. The CTS-V, like the current "Pontiac" GTOs was a true tube-framed, purpose-built, racer with a silhouette body shell.

Even Porsche is finding it a challenge to compete with the tube frame cars. They really do not belong in the same class with cars based on production vehicles.