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Question Help with sound/entertainment/idrive options

I'm starting my research on some E90 M3 sedans, and especially due to not being able to build the sedan on bmw's website anymore, I'm looking for a little help deciphering the various audio/entertainment/idrive options that I'm seeing on cars.

- Was idrive a stand alone option? I am seeing Premium Package cars with and without it. And on some cars with it, I can't find it on the window sticker.

- What does getting idrive change as far as entertainment/sound options that come with it (if anything). i.e., if you get idrive, does the dvd audio player, etc, then come with it?

- I think I figured out that the sedans with the funky looking speaker covers must have the "enhanced audio" option, which I believe I read is a stand-alone option?

- With the NON-enhanced audio, does anyone know the speaker count (i.e. does it have a center front, and subs under the seat, etc, or is it a big difference like jumping from 4 to 13 speakers?).

I have Professional Audio in my 2007 335, and it has the 13 speaker setup and I love it. It's confusing me more though, because I'm seeing pictures of the M3 radios that say "BMW Professional", but the look like they have the standard speakers and not even any on the rear door panels.