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Originally Posted by DJDeez View Post
Hoping the forum can be of assistance, I simply can't get the front pipes onto the headers. The driver's side header had a clamp and gasket which easily came off the pipe however the passenger side clamp and gasket seem to be stuck on permanently. Was the driver's side clamp even supposed to come off or is the passenger side indeed the problem? Because of the design of the gasket and Agency Power pipes, there is no way for me to install them close enough to be screw them down. Does this even make sense? LOL appreciate the time, thanks in advance

On a side note, I decided to start the car with no piping as it had to be moved. One word - wow. It took less than thirty seconds for my head to hurt and the smell to become almost overbearing.
I would clean the end of the headers. There was some goo in there that had hardened on mine. Lightly coat the header and midpipe with antiseize -- very light -- so they come apart easily later. I had to pull the header and midpipe flanges together and push the bolt down to get the nut started.

If you do not have the pipes aligned correctly, you may have difficulty inserting the midpipe into the header. You want to do this end first and the rear exhaust end last. Leave the fexible middle brace and the fixed bracket bracket very loosely installed while you are playing with the header to midpipe connection.