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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
Tinnitus is usually not something you can stop, even with surgery. It's not your ears making the noise. You could have your auditory nerve cut and you would still hear the ringing. Even worse, maybe. Tinnitus is your brain making up for the missing noise signal when you suffer hearing loss. Like an amputee will feel pain in a foot that is no longer there, your brain makes you think you hear high pitched sound when your high-pitch nerves are already dead. I hear very high pitched ringing in my ears all the time, yet I cannot hear high pitched sounds around me.
Didn't even know you could do surgery for it. I always thought the cause of it was the hairs in the canal being damaged and they fold over touching the nerve, thus giving it a false impression of sound. Also, never new about the brain thing ethier. Yea I can't hear high pitched noise ether, found this out when I put one of those mouse/rat things in the garage that keep them out and could only hear it in my right ear. I actually got a bunch of test done at the audio clinic and my hear loss was quite small. There was only one frequency in which the graph dropped lower than average.