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Originally Posted by Wakka View Post
Wow you've officially scared the balls out of me. Thank you. No I don't have it that bad and I hope I never do.
Yea bro I have it in my left ear, got it from shooting a long barrelled shotgun, and am quite pissed about it. Out of all the other guns and shit I really don't know how this gave me it. Anyway, its the most annoying thing in life, when i first got it it took me almost 6 months to get used to the high pitched ringing in my ear, and there were times that I actually wanted to just like pop my eardrum somehow and be done with it. Made me go a lil crazy at moments lol. This being said I now live with it and don't have it as bad as some people as i now won't notice it unless I'm in a room where it is pretty quite. You don't want this trust me, and every person that has it.....its fucking ANNOYING. Pay the 8 bills and get yourself some noise cancelling custom moulded in ear, ear plugs. Its worth it if your ears are already stressed, remember that what you have now is permanent and it can only get worse. GET THE EARPLUGS!!