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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
I have it quite bad. My ears are always screaming at me and any ambient sound makes it worse. Mine comes along with the 30% hearing loss I have from many years in the military shooting and flying around in helicopters, plus way too much loud music. Now if I crank the music it actually causes pain and no matter how loud it gets, the tinnitus is always louder.

If you can sit in a quiet room and not always hear the loud, high pitched whine, then you don't have it too bad yet. There is still time to prevent it from getting worse.

Try the yellow E-A-R brand foam earplugs. You can get a box of 200 pairs off Amazon for less than $30.
Wow you've officially scared the balls out of me. Thank you. No I don't have it that bad and I hope I never do.
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