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I've been doing a lot of messing around with the settings for this audio system. I actually like the surround on for crappier source material but for good recordings, I prefer the stereo setting. I actually think having a good, centered stage in front of you is the optimal way to listen.

I've been struggling a lot to set this system up equalizer settings are vastly different than what others have posted but I'm not convinced I've arrived at the best setting yet. Unlike many of the other comments on here, I find the mid frequencies to be most muddled and strangely resonant through the structure of the car. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to fully clear up the mid muddiness but it's getting better each time I tweak it. I guess most people complain about not having enough bass. True but, in my opinion it's accurate compared to the mids. The highs are shrill but I think I've toned them down a bit too and are also quite accurate.

The system lives up to people's criticisms unfortunately. In hindsight, it's only worth the money if you are like me and have grown tired of building your own systems. On this car I'm quite happy to not put the effort into installing an aftermarket system in. In my younger years I wouldn't have thought twice about taking the base system and putting two thousand into aftermarket. In the end, this is the best factory stereo I've had, considering my experience is mainly with Porsche and Acura Bose systems.