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Originally Posted by BMWNTHZST View Post
In that post someone brought up a great point about the possibility of damaging them and having to buy another set. This could get costly. For that reason buying the aftermarket product makes sense.

The eBay person who has purchased two sets in going to e-mail some pics to me tonight. I'll share my findings after I receive them.
The OEM splitter design does not decrease ground clearance to any noticeable degree, so I wouldn't worry too much about accidental damage. I haven't any clearance issues since installing them, but perhaps I was already being quite careful since my Dinan suspension was installed previous to the splitters.

I'm sure most of us do lots of backing in, angled approaches, and have a keen awareness of those damn parking curbs regardless if we have splitters or not!

I believe there have been previous pics posted on the forum of the ebay splitters (I think on an LMB E90? IIRC) and they looked decent from the photos. He actually compared an OEM vs ebay on the left and right. A little search should reveal the thread.
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