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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
The S54 was at the end of its line. No room for extra bore, piston speeds too high, etc., etc. Totally maxed out. Not way to compete against 911, RS4 and AM Vantage without the new V8. Keeping the S54 would have been a terrible decision from an engineering AND marketing perspective.

"Beat down" E90 M3 owners in your 335. OMG get real. Maybe in a drag only, maybe to 60 or 100 with a Vishnu tune that is not even available yet. You are in fantasy land on this last statement.
I agree completely with swamp2.

On S54: I heard many horror stories about the weak engine from my friends working at BMW service dept., plus no way a high rev M engine has an over bore configuration (long stroke engine???)

ON 335i beating E92M3: Please people, do not just look only at HP/trq dyno number...there are many other factors powerband, final diff ratio (torque multiplication), and many more.

Make me wonder some people thinks they know more than the engineers at BMW, but they forget they get misled by the marketing campaign.