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"Beat down" E90 M3 owners in your 335. OMG get real. Maybe in a drag only, maybe to 60 or 100 with a Vishnu tune that is not even available yet. You are in fantasy land on this last statement.
No I'm 335 will easily be over 400RWHP once my FMIC and exhaust are finished and my coilovers are sitting in my garage waiting on the other stuff to be finished. I have my LSD on order and after complete my 335 will easily put a beating on a E90 M3. My E46 M3 has full exhaust, intake, software, coilovers and is about 250 lbs. than stock and I'm betting it would be a handful for the new M3. I understand the new M3 is a track bred car and the 335 is not but most of us drive on the streets not on the track. I just sold my E60 M5 and the 335 was pretty close to the M5 up to about 80mph so I'm guessing that losing 2 cylinders won't make it faster in the upcoming M3.