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Bodyshop called me saying they did find a refub bumper and advising me to call my insurance again to get their commitment on this if I really want to put on a new one. I called my appraiser telling him my car is a 2011 and I recently (3months back)installed a new bumper so I think I should get something equivalent. He was like the refub one is nothing different than a new one...blah blah, and tell me to file a supplement form if I want.

Told that to the bodyshop and they said supplement form is only for further damage but not for this case.

So I called Lizard company again, this time I called the claim dept. telling her the exact same thing and she said the only person who can change this is actually the person who inspected my car (the appraiser I mentioned) and she asked the contact information and told me she would be asking my appraiser to contact my bodyshop. Everything looks good.

Later Mr. Appraiser called but I was not at my desk so I got his voice mail saying the same thing that he said the first time "A RECONDITIONED bumper has no difference than a brand new, it's new." and because they had found one so they have to go with the refurb.

I am so tired on this back and forth, I was rear ended and now I am the one who keeps making phone calls to different parties.

I swear I will switch from the Lizard insurance to others next time.