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Originally Posted by Sleeper519 View Post
Many thanks to all for very helpful feedback!

I think I've got my winter plan now: Stoptech BBK 380/355, GC camber plates, Apex ARC-8s 10" w/ 275/35/18 prob Nittos NT-01s, and a fresh tasty alignment with more Neg camber dialed in. That should do me for awhile.

I did have some initial qualms about the 275s up front re: potential rubbing of inner fender liner at less than full turning lock. When I switched to 255 ps2s from 245 on 19" plus 15mm spacer, I would rub consistently so that I had to take the spacer off. No biggie. I suppose the smaller diameter of the 18"s will compensate for the wider tire width, eh? Anyone have rubbing issues with this setup? I'm not lowered.

Thanks again, all.
A 275/35 18 on a 18x10 @25P does not rub but sure is close on my stock ride height,stock camber ZCP car.Some of the tires are wider than others but it has not been a problem at all on my car.