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Originally Posted by DocJohn View Post
Also, one thing that is nice about the MT is lighter. The scales seem to suggest that it is 90 LBS lighter than the DCT. I would still pick a dct for the track, but in a car that is marginally too heavy to start with, I like the idea that I don't have those 90 lbs ahead of the midline of the car!
The difference in weight between the two transmissions is no where near 90#, more like 40 (don't remember the exact number).

I had an '09 6mt sunroof car that weighed 30# more than my '11 DCT/comp/carbon roof (other equipment was the same). I was really surprised that the DCT car was lighter, obviously the carbon roof helps but wow. This is with both cars 100% stock, full fuel, on the same corner scales. The point is, the weight penalty for the DCT is low enough to not be a consideration when choosing which transmission you want.

The most interesting thing to me is that the '11 up cars seem quicker than the earlier cars (regardless of transmission).