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Originally Posted by DocJohn View Post
One thing that I found very interesting in the C&D specs.

They now report the "center of gravity" for the vehicle.

I find this very interesting, especially if you track your car. Most of the time, companies claim that they have a low CG, but it is never verified. Lots of haters make fun of the CF roof and bmws claim to lower CG....but it is 1.5 inches lower than the benz, and 5 inches lower than the recent Buicks and volvos!

Also of interest is that it is only 1 inch higher than a cayman R, despite the fact that the M3 is 5 inches taller overall, and is also sedan-like in design. That inch could easily be the lower CG of the Boxer motor.
All I can say is BRAVO to BMW's engineers!

Also, one thing that is nice about the MT is lighter. The scales seem to suggest that it is 90 LBS lighter than the DCT. I would still pick a dct for the track, but in a car that is marginally too heavy to start with, I like the idea that I don't have those 90 lbs ahead of the midline of the car!
Where are you finding CG #s? And 1 inch lower CG is a lot.