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Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
You deal realize that the //M can get to it's power quicker than most cars. Meaning even if it has lower HP #'s or torque, it can rev faster, and with more gears it can get threw the rev ban faster.

The rpm vs. hp graph is informative, but the third dimension is time. How fast the engine will go through its rev range is a function of not only the engine performance characteristics but also of other variables such as transmission efficiency and response (someone was pointing out drive train inertia issues), overall weight, grip, suspension dynamics, etc. So comparing rpm-hp graphs for two engines alone can be misleading.

Which brings me to a rather simple observation: not a single person on this forum has actually experienced the V8 M3 engine in an M3, so what's all the fuss about? How can anyone say it is better than this or that without driving the damn car? As far as I know, the engine/car has not even been evaluated by independent analysts, so we have very little to go on.

Also, I don't think that it really matters that the M3 will be too heavy and optioned out for the track UNLESS you are interested in competing and winning on the track. If that’s what you really care about, I doubt that you’d be buying a production M3 to begin with. If you are like me, and just want to have some weekend fun on the track, then who cares if it is not as light as it can be and so on. It boils down to this: would one have fun pushing this car around the track or not? I can't answer that since I haven't tried, but my guess is that one would!