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Originally Posted by Corey View Post
If you read the article as you claim you know the new M3's V8 has already proven itself in the M3 GTR raced in the 2001 ALMS series. While it lacks the dry sump and flat plane crank of the GTR's engine, it does have close to the same power output at 8300 rpm, individual throttle bodies, etc. It even weighs 33 pounds less than the straight six found in the previous M3. This isn't an attempt to sound smart, this is straight from Roundel.
I do not think the Roundel atricle is saying the new M3's V8 is the same one used in the E46 M3 GTR. (That would be dead wrong. The new V8 is based on the V10, which also has nothing to do with the M3 GTR motor.) Instead, the article is simply saying that an M3 with V8 power has already proven itself in competition.