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I want those cams! I'd imagine they are something like 304/298? Sounds mean... like it will eat you if you get close.

Originally Posted by Mike@VAC View Post
I'm going to try and ask this in proper detail the best I can.

That short hose (black) that is sitting right above the coil packs, that would normally (I think) hook to the intake manifold. What is that designed to do? Since it is set up differently than the stock engine?

Also, are there any air/oil separators available for this car? To keep oil out of the intake?

Not sure if it's the same issues, but coming from a turbo car (STI), there are air/oil sep available to prevent oil from getting into the intake manifold.


I'd also like to know more about your cooling system. looks like the rad is lowered bit and maybe pushed forward for room? If it works for a race car, something simliar would be good for a street car (if feasible). Good cooling is... good cooling

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