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Originally Posted by VictorH View Post
Pending a full alignment I won't know the complete range of camber nor the change in toe from street to full negative, but hope to find out in the next few weeks. However, so far so good.
I took the liberty of putting a car on the rack, and measuring this for you.

The entire change in total toe, over the entire sweep of 26mm camber sliding from all the way positive to all the way negative is................

7mm, or a hair less than 5/16 inch.

This particular car is set a bit in to 1.8 negative camber (not all the way positive) at 2mm toe-in. When the plate is adjusted all way negative, for example at the start of a track day, the toe changes to 4mm out, which is perfect for most tracks.

If you are confused about toe-out on race tracks, I recommend books instead of websites. There is some BAD just plain wrong info out there.

If you have to buy one book, probably "Tune to Win" by Carroll Smith. Although dated, there are discussions about toe-in vs toe-out, and ackerman, just enough info to make you appreciate how complicated this stuff gets. But....if you pay attention to details, you will make your car faster than someone else not paying attention.

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