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by the way that is the OEM black/chrome edition tips since its hard to see their color in that pic. They actually match the painted can perfectly however the way the light is reflecting makes them look a bit different shades. Again I reccomend everyone do this and take the muffler OFF to paint. My ONLY point was if you cannot get it off, or needed to touch it up, you can easily touch up the visible piece or even coat it with a different black as long as the can was completely painted the first go around.

As people mentioned to completely avoid chance of overspray which really was not at all happening when I did it, best to remove the muffler but this muffler is a real pain to remove!


I forgot to add that the great thing about this exhaust is it allows you to enjoy the nice sounds from the car through the entire rev band instead of waiting for the beautiful intake noise above 6500-7000 rpm. That means you do not have to consistently rev so high to be able to hear some great car noise/music and when you do get above 7k the roar of the intake starts to dominate and you get the same scream as stock until redline. So this is not drowning out the intake one bit.

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