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Originally Posted by Sal@AUTOcouture View Post
We can modify the center section of the exhaust instead and that will create a quieter sound. We did that originally and wasn't loud enough for us. BUT, thats not to say its not loud ENOUGH for someone else.
I agree, this mod is perfect for me. However I was thinking maybe an in-between level louder than the middle but not as loud as this. Keeping the middle completely blocked off but welding in a pipe with some small perforations in the side sections that attach to the Y pipe and then putting some stuffing in. So the hemoltz chamber would work both as a hemoltz and absorption chamber. I am not engineer so don't know if that would work but might be louder than the middle mod but a little less loud than your mod. I dont know just a thought!

Here is a picture of mine that I painted. Probably not as nice as ACM, but 5 dollar spray paint and being under the car it is completely stealth.

I realized unless you knew it was gloss black, the glare makes it look alost brown and looks like half was not painted! Assure you it is all black and that is glare!
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