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Follow up on the helmet purchase

This is my personal opinion and I donít mean to offend anyone that bought/uses helmet X.

I ordered the Stilo ST4 GT Carbon with Rally Communication and the Hydration adapter. The carbon fiber looks great, the helmet is super light and in theory the accessories really add value to the helmet.

I chose this helmet over the Arai because of the weight, appearance and accessories in that order.

After receiving the helmet having it for a few days I ordered the Arai GP-6 and sent the Stilo back. Before I sent the Stilo back I had both helmets side by side and below is my comparison of the two helmets.

Stilo ST4 GT Carbon

  • Super light, half pound lighter than the Arai
  • The carbon fiber looks great
  • Itís not white

  • The fit was lose for me all around even though I am exactly within the range for the Large size that I ordered based on measurements.
  • Peripheral visibility was greatly reduced compared to the GP-6.
  • The tinted visor had slight horizontal optical distortion that was pretty noticeable in bright sun when looking up and down.
  • The chin strap is made of a rough nylon type material that is difficult to secure with gloves on and isnít very comfortable against your chin.
  • The liner/padding inside the helmet is very stiff and has more of an exacting fit vs. a surrounding fit.
  • The rally electronics speakers are built into noise attenuating earmuffs that press firmly and practically seal around your ears. This would probably be great for racing an open wheels racecar but in my M3 with the windows down I couldnít hear enough to feel comfortable driving on the track. I need all of my senses. The helmet always comes with the noise attenuating earmuffs but when you donít buy the electronics you can just remove them. However, with the electronics installed you are forced to use the earmuffs even if you arenít using com.
  • The hydration adapter isnít designed to be easily removed from the helmet and when itís not being used itís massively in the way.
  • The helmet had lose/frayed threads and overall poor build quality internally.
  • Only available in SA2010 (not SAH2010)
  • Smells like a new chevy (some may put this in the pros column but not me)

Arai GP-6

  • The fit is perfect, secure and matches Araiís sizing chart
  • The liner/padding and strap materials are soft and comfortably conform to your face
  • The visor is huge, clear and provides plenty of visibility
  • Overall quality inside and out is very high with no visible defects
  • 5 year warranty
  • SAH2010 Cert

  • Only available in white
  • Smells like glue the first couple of times you wear it

Overall I am very happy with the Arai GP-6 and would recommend it to anyone looking for a high end motorsport helmet.

I have also custom installed radio gear from Chatterbox that fits cleanly into a little pocket in the liner and doesn't otherwise impact my hearing. Plus mine is installed with velcro and is easily removable.