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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
You can definitely do the new Looking for Raid function. I've done them on my alt druid and they are actually a LOT easier than the real raids. Only downside is that you're in a raid group with a bunch of randoms, just like the dungeon finder, so you'll have your share of morons.

We spent our whole raid night last night figuring out how to kill Morchok on heroic. It was pretty rough, but we finally killed it. The hardest thing is group composition. In 10 man, you'll need four healers, two tanks, and then only four DPS. We had issues because we didn't have four healers, so our pally main tank had to respec heals, which he was not very good with and didn't have good gear, and I had to respec to be the offtank, again my gear isn't that good. So we had issues and it took us about 3 hours, lol.. Pretty stressful and irritating.
you can two heal Morchok heroic 10man easily.

we did it with 3. Obviously one side only has one, and that side died the least
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