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Jeeez! Get real, people. This infighting is pointless. A modded 335i and an E92 M3 will both be great cars. There will always be cars with more power for the dollar or this and that, but the point is that whatever car you buy you can enjoy to the fullest. Whether a chipped 335i (or a CTS-V) makes more torque than an M3 means nothing to me. If I was buying a race car, yes it would. American cars are getting better, but I still think the German's understand a thing or two that the US makers don't.

The M3 is and always has been a relatively mainstream, but somewhat exclusive model that performs near the top of its class, but is very well rounded. You can commute through urban traffic, take it on trips, or run Nurbugring in it. Specs fail to capture the whole picture. Dry sump lube? What the fu*k does that have to do with the purpose of this car? It has two sumps and will not have oil starvation on typical track days, so I think that's good enough.

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