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Tried to do a vid with my droid but you could barely hear it-will have to figure something else out.

BUT I really should not have posted so soon as that was based on a short drive home from the exhaust shop with the muffler brand spanking new as far as all the new piping.

I took it on a long 1 hour cruise in all sorts of situations, highway cruising, city, flooring it etc.

Around the city there is NO drone at all-nothing-totally stock which is great for all that city driving in general. The boomy bass drone of so many drives me nuts

I really do not know if the slight drone on the freeway at about 75-80 is anything different than the stock exhaust that drones right in there if you listen carefully. I have to literally have stereo off, a/c off and as quiet as I can to actually hear the "drone" THis may simply be what an exhaust making some noise actualy sounds like because I had multiple exhausts in the past and drone was something much louder.

at WOT this thing is LOUD-I mean I would not want it any louder and have no clue how people run catless setups with race mufflers-its already getting attention everywhere. Every car I pull up to or leave at a light or pass on the freeway gets looks so I would not be able to cope with catless!

The sound is as close as I have ever heard to a race car in person. It really shows you the youtube videos do not even illustrate anything about most exhausts so to be honest its not worth judging based on youtube/videos people post.

The great thing about this exhaust is that it is not overly bassy but a tad deeper in the 1k-5k range. After 5k if you get on it-there is a seemless transition through the 5-8400 where the exhaust begins to scream and then subtly gives way to the scream of the intake (with bmc filter) at 8k-8400.

So you get to hear the exhaust for a good part of a run and then you still get that same intake sound without an exhaust drowning it out. The scream of the exhaust really compliments the scream of the intake.

Taking off in first is -WOW. The sound of the shifts 1 to 2, 2 to 3, is absolutely something you would hear on a race track (obviously quiet). I do not know-I cannot express how much enjoyment this adds. I always really enjoyed exhausts but got so sick of the drone that I just could not do it. This is really the best of both worlds. Its freaking loud and virtually straight pipes, but minimal drone and ability to cruise at normal speeds with a completely quiet cabin so passengers and myself do not get a headache.

For a few hundred this is a no brainer. I would atleast try it if you are thinking about going eisennman or bmw performance given they are a big investment. This may fill your need or maybe not but worth the few hundred to try!