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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
  • Is there any doubt the BMW can handle the Caddy around a race track?
  • GTR is more a 911 TT competitor and this should be a sub 8 minute car
  • RS6 - 580hp - M5 competitor and give the parasitic losses of Quattro I already have a bet the E60 M5 will be faster.....
So in the M3's class.....RS4, RS5 (using a tune RS4 engine), 911, SLK....other than the 911, the M3 stands pretty well.
1) Yes, lots. The prior generation CTS-V beat M3's in racing, why not the next generation? And anyone still stuck on 500HP for the new CTS-V hasn't been paying attention to the latest reports.
2) But at an M3 price...starting at $57K. People WILL be cross shopping GT-R's and M3's and CTS-V's. And C63's.