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Drive or fly? Cowtown to Van City

Hey guys,

So I am attending a university campus tour at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Never been there or to BC for that matter, unless you count when I was just 6 months old lol.


- University is ~1000kms from my front door. So ~2500/2600 round trip, gonna take the Kelowna route back? (not sure if a con lol)

- Driving would be 2 and a 1/2 days to 3, accounting for breaks.

- I already have 20,000kms on my car since June of THIS year.

- I can't rent a car for the day because Thrifty has a minimum age requirement of 21.

- Would have to pay for a hotel (again not sure if a con lol)

- Plane ticket would cost $350~

- I can leave in the AM and be back by night time.

- Don't have to worry about anything happening to my car, won't put extra mileage on the car, won't wear out my winter tires faster because of BC temps.

Hmm what do you guys think? Go all out and take the ///M or play it safe and be back in one day by flying West Jet. I'm not confined by time as all my final semester exams are this Friday/Saturday.