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Originally Posted by Sleeper519 View Post
I'm going to get dedicated track wheels and tires (new 19" ps2s are killing my track budget). Thinking of going to square setup on either 275/35/18 x 10", or 265/35/18 x 9.5". Square (vs. staggered) will allow me to rotate tires, and hopefully bring back a little more neutral handling balance.

My concern is will I lose steering feel or turn-in precision with the wider front tires over current stock 245s. I'll also be going to R-comps and adding a BBK in a few weeks (I am so ready for those).

Any thoughts? Is that anything to worry about?

It is not something to worry about at all for a track setup. I'd only consider that on a street setup that sees no track time, and really that would not be the issue. I'd be more concerned with tramlining.

You're adding extra tire. Extra tire is more grip and more speed. Even if the steering felt more numb, you would be driving a car that is faster, which is what this is all about. Not all cars have the same steering feel either, and countless people are already making changes like this to all generation BMW M3's with positive results.

To put it in perspective, consider if you could ever imagine saying the following? "I sure am glad I didn't get the wider/faster tire setup, as I'm really enjoying my stock steering feel while I lose/turn slower laps than everyone else".

Your car will turn in better due to the extra front grip. The only thing to consider for a BBK is if it will clear your wheels. 380mm brembo's don't fit under most 18's. There are more wheels that can clear the stop tech 380mm kit though such as the ARC-8 wheel.

For the E9X M3 I would recommend you go with 275/35/18's over 265's if you're going with a square setup on 10" wheels.