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Drives: 2012 M3 Coupe, 2011 128i
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Location: Southern Cal

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Username: atomhawk
Region: Southern Califorina
Dealership Name: McKenna
Sales or Service: Sales
Name of Salesperson/Advisor: Nick LoCasale
Overall Experience (1 lowest 5 highest): 1
Work Performed/Attempted: Lease M3
Recommended? (Yes or No): No
Additional Comments: I will have to admit that this was the most interesting new car buying experience I have ever had. Everything went smoothly in the beginning (sort of). Nick def. knows and loves his cars but the problems started after the sale. First, I noticed that some basic things were missing from the car that I was promised: mats, full tank of gas, etc etc. Then I noticed the rear tow cover was missing... getting all of this stuff was amazingly painful. Then I got a call TWO WEEKS after I bought the car asking me to sign a form saying that I was okay that the car was punched 11 MONTHS AGO effectively shaving a year off of my warranty! How was this not disclosed to me in the beginning?! Needless to say, I did not sign the form and the deal was unwound -- what a waste of time for everyone.

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