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Tire safe to use on the track?

As some may know, I had a little run off at Big Willow last week.

Shop's been busy and hasn't been able to look at the car so it's been sitting..

Anyways, my tire lost air in about 24 hours and it sat like this for a couple of days:

I thought the tire itself was really damaged, or a nail, or a rock/something penetrated it.
or maybe even the wheel got damaged (worse case..)

I took the wheel off and took it to a tire shop yesterday. They filled it with air put it in water and whatnot to find a leak.
No bubbles/leaks anywhere...except a small one at the valve stem.
They changed the valve stem needle for me.

The shop said they put it to 40psi air, i checked this morning and it was at 39psi.
However, after he put in the air and went in to seal it, i did hear the air come out, so that could have easily been 1psi of air lost. Pus, not all gauges are 100% the same, a +/- 1 psi is normal right?

So the tire/wheel sound to me like they're good to go...right? Meaning the tire/wheel held air perfectly...

BUT... since the wheel was sitting on a deflated tire for a couple of days, does that mean it damaged the tire?
Looking at the tire, it seems to be fine. No different than my other tire that was never deflated.
Does this mean I can use this on the track with no worries? The tire is barely 2 months old and I would hate to toss it if I don't have to.

Would love to hear some advice before I waste $ on tires, demounting, re-balancing.. etc

I was going to pick up a new tire 80 miles down south, but the guy said he can't meet it a sign? lol
I was also going to pick up 2 used ones from a friend, who is about 70 miles down south..

But I really don't want to drive all the way down there if I can't pick up the new one as well (I like to combine long trips and get as much done as I can)