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Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
That's just your tire guy's laziness talking. I agree the 295's all around should be pretty good, especially with the stock suspension setup. That's why I won't be sad if the 315's won't work, but I think they will. And I'd rather start with as much tire as possible and tune my way into the balance with alignment, bar, and shocks than do the same with the 295's all around and have to start over if I find out I need more tire. I have a feeling the 315's with a little more camber will be helpful in slaloms where this car tends to wag its tail a little too much.
Well, the setup most people use is "square"; until the PtW ratio, or weight distribution, or personal tuning preference dictate otherwise. For the M3 I have been trying to see what the FS and ESP cars are using, and I think their preference is Square. In any case, I consider the forthcoming tire choice merely a starting point... And, you may be right about the specific help the 315 would provide in slaloms.