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OEM exhaust mod-2nd version up and running

The version 2 is ACM's method and see their thread. Basically you eliminate the entire middle section of the OEM exhaust and run pipes "straight through" each resonance chamber and out the dual tips, eliminating the snaky piping of the stock system through the middle.

So thanks to ACM who completely the muffler extremely quickly and had it shipped within days. The muffler arived with clean welds and barely being able to tell it was modified. I chose to not get it painted as I already had some matte high temp paint at home and figured I would do that myself and save a few bucks.

I painted it matte black and got it installed today.

I really have no new clips to add compared to what is out there but I will try to record some anyway even though it will only be revving it unfortunately.

I need to say, anyone who is considering an exhaust, especially spending 2-4k on an exhaust, really ought to try this simple mod out. I had it done and installed for less than 500 bucks.

Sounds incredible. Just as expected. Probably louder than expected and is definetly not overly quiet by any means. Has a nice non-bassy sound.

However the one thing I will say is there is definetly some degree of drone and maybe I am overly sensitive but its not as quiet as stock. Cruising in 7th at 80mph creates a nice hum drone. At 75 in 7th it is barely there which is fine as that is my cruising speed. Or if you need to cruise in 80 then 6th cures the drone.

The good thing though its its not a really low bassy drone or bassy sound in general.

However driving around the city at slow speeds and normal 40-50mph speeds in cruising gear there is NO drone.

So bottom line is there is some drone as expected on freeway speeds at 80mph. Still less drone than any other remus or eisenmann I have had in the past. The sound is incredible. I cannot imagine another system sounding better for just a rear exhaust.

I reccomend everyone try this if they are contemplating an exhaust change!