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Fox News crooks: how they do their propaganda

It is amazing to watch how the GOP crooks drop the bar in their standards of brainwashing US population. This is the video posted on Fox News web site

It begins with the footage of fire on the streets, people throwing stuff at riot police. To a person totally unfamiliar with how people behave in Moscow it might look believable. That is until one realizes that palm trees on the streets is not exactly a typical sight in Moscow, and in general it doesn't look right weather-wise and in all other respects. Needless to say, the protests in Moscow that took place in the last few days did not involve the sort of confrontations that we see in this video. Fires burning on the streets in Moscow? Fox crooks apparently did it specifically because they wanted to show fires on the streets.

It is already established that they spliced the recent footage from Greek protests in Athens and then they innocently cut to actual footage of some person in Moscow. Simple, right?

Basically, these crooks are using the same technique they used with Yugoslavia, more recently in Lybia and every time they received order to upload the new conditioning into the most gullible parts of local population.

That's how swastika begins, my good people. That's the page GOP crooks took directly form the books of their spiritual ancestors.

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