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Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post
Did you not read my previous post?

As for - Your referring that the quality of this exhaust is less because its made in Asia. My grand-parents and any previous generations are from ASIA.

Why don't you go through all the exhausts manufactured and assembled in Asia, and tell me they don't have that fart can sound to them. You keep assuming that I'm saying something when really all I'm commenting is my opinion of exhausts, nothing to do with aero parts, wheels etc. Also, when did I refer to the quality of the exhaust being less? I stated already they are above great for cars such as the S2K, Evo, Subaru etc etc..

I can't believe I'm even replying to someone like you, you miscalculate comments like a teenage girl who just got told by her 17 year old boyfriend he loves her, when all he really wants is ass.
One of the most expensive systems for our M3s is made in Taiwan, the Innotech! The Megan (not sure where its made) sounds awesome, the innotech sounds awesome too. Same goes for Arqray, and to be honest, 90% of the exhausts for these cars come from taiwan or somewhere in asia and are just branded by different companies.