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Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post
Fair enough, my copy of Roundel is still wrapped in plastic since it arrived within days of the new C&D and R&T. I am a regular on the M3 board, however, so I'm very doubtful if the article explains anything new that hasn't already been covered repeatedly.

However, my point is the engine specs are disappointing from all perspectives, circuit driving included, IMHO.
You deal realize that the //M can get to it's power quicker than most cars. Meaning even if it has lower HP #'s or torque, it can rev faster, and with more gears it can get threw the rev ban faster.

Just a thought. The engine is awsome from a stitistical point of view and offers alot of agility, without ever firing one up.

The question remains.... why is the car so heavy? And for the cost, isn't the new Cayaman S a better track car ..?

Problem with the Cayman is that is a tad noisy and a shitty stereo, the //M is more refined and (typically) quiter, er luxury. But, BMW's new interior design sucks... BMW's pushing this Oracle sailboat racing thing toooo much.

So, is there still an arguement of wether or not the //M is track bred..? It's undeniable! Is it worth $10k more than the 335 for "average Joe" street racing and lightstop flogging...?

Thats thee arguement. :rocks: