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Help with Grad school and everything about it

Im on the boarder of acedemic senior level of undergrad. My major is parks and rec tourism which focuses on sustainable energy and site management etc, a lot of outdoorsy stuff. I don't like it and I'm too deep in it to get out. My GPA isn't the strongest at just under a 3.0 but that's mainly because I haven't applied myself due to so many things going on in my life that make it tough to focus.

I am looking to go to grad school to get ahead of the game, I'm very bright and resourceful with a good thinking mind which leads me to believe id do well in business but I'm not closed to only that idea. I have experience in the military, with two occupational specialties when I was in.

I wanted to know how you all chose what you chose to pursue for grad school and how you decided where to go. What was the process in getting in and who to contact? I do not have any financial resources outside of financial aid, no co signers, no savings which puts getting a GA essential.

My counselors here aren't much help so I figured I'd ask some professionals here.
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