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Originally Posted by J-9 View Post
If Buick is one of the most sought-after rides in China, then there's gotta be something seriously quirky in that culture's preferences (although it helps to have an emperor riding around in one). Hopefully some lucky customers get a BMW at a low incentive price.

Oh well, ridiculous fads and stereotypes exist everywhere. Even in this thread, judging by the responses.
Their Buicks aren't built like our Buicks over here, much better than what we've got here. They also have models that we don't have over here like the Buick Exelle 2.0T HATCHBACK and Buick GL8 MINIVAN.

It's all brand positionining. We should not forget that BMW has a lot of budget cars around the world too, their 316i's and 116i's, some without even power windows and cloth seats still. (can you imagine, a bimmer with rolley windows?!) BMW positioned their brand here with only the premium vehicles and set the bar higher, it's a similar position Buick did with their cars over there by making them luxurious cars for the everyday person. (Kind-of like Acura).

Totally agree with you that stereotypes exist everywhere. *cough*chinese drivers in Toyotas*cough* ... we all do it. They've got their stereotypes, so do we.